New publication in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Check out the new Welab’s publication in the Virtual Special Issue from ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters "Medicinal Chemistry in Portugal and Spain: A Strong Iberian Alliance".

Piperazinyl Bicyclic Derivatives as Selective Ligands of the α2δ-1 Subunit of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels. Ariadna Fernández, José Luis Díaz, Mónica García, Sergi Rodríguez-Escrich, Adriana Lorente, Raquel Enrech, Albert Dordal, Enrique Portillo-Salido, Mónica Porras, Begoña Fernández, Raquel F. Reinoso, José Miguel Vela, and Carmen Almansa. In this paper, the synthesis and pharmacological activities of a new series of compounds acting toward the α2δ-1 subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels (Cavα2δ-1) are reported, some of them showing improved analgesic efficacy-safety ratio in mice over pregabalin.

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