5xFAD transgenic mouse model of AD

Background information: 5xFAD (Familiar Alzheimer Disease) mice bear 5 mutations, 3 in the APP695 gene [APP K670N/M671L (Swedish), I716V (Florida), V717I (London)] as well as 2 mutations in the presenilin 1 gene [PS1 M146L, L286V] (Oakley et al., 2006). The expression of the 5xFAD transgene is driven by the neuron-specific Thy1 promoter. 5xFAD mice recapitulate many AD-related phenotypes and have a relatively early and aggressive disease presentation.

Animals: Male/Female 5xFAD mice {hemizygous for the APP and PSEN1 transgenes in the B6SJLF1 hybrid (C57BL/6J and SJL/J) background}.

Efficacy test: Test articles are administered in a medicalized diet for 4-5 months (starting at 2-months old) and efficacy is assessed at specified time points.

Assessments: Body weight & Food Consumption (weekly), T-maze (1 mo), Voluntary Wheel Running (2.5 mo) & Morris Water Maze (Spatial learning, Retention memory and Flexibility learning, 4 mo).& Biomarkers (at the end of treatment).

Positive control: Sigma-2 receptor antagonist.

Criteria for significance: ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s test is applied for comparison between the vehicle and treatment groups. Significant activity is considered at the P<0.05 level.

Turnaround time: 10 months (behavioral studies).

Dear colleagues, collaborators, and friends,

After more than 30 years of shared endeavours, in which we have grown personally and professionally, and with our emotions on the surface, we announce the closure of our company. We have travelled together through ups and downs, celebrated successes and overcome challenges as a team.

We extend our deepest gratitude to each of you for your dedication, passion, and commitment to a shared goal: discovering new treatments for the benefit and well-being of patients.

As we bid farewell, let’s cherish the memories we’ve created, the bonds we’ve formed, and the impact we’ve made together. Though our paths may diverge, the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that defines our community will always endure.

We leave proud of the work accomplished and thank you for being an integral part of our journey, wishing you success in all your future challenges.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Welab’s team

We are proud to announce that Welab is partner of this new EU funded project.

In collaboration with 12 partners from 6 countries, Welab Barcelona is establishing the Antivirus Pandemic Preparedness EuropeAn pLatform (APPEAL), a European research initiative aimed at enhancing preparedness for future pandemics. This EU funded collaboration will establish a comprehensive program for the development of broad-spectrum antiviral drugs within a five year time frame ensuring drug affordability and accessibility to low income countries.
Link to the press release: https://lnkd.in/d-jmV2CS