Ab 1-42 -induced electrophysiological changes in hippocampal cultures.

Background information: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by an extracellular accumulation of neurotoxic amyloid beta peptide, a proteolytic product of amyloid precursor protein (APP). The accumulation of amyloid beta peptides in synapses causes synaptic degeneration and dysfunctional neuronal electrical activity. Ab1-42 peptides alter hippocampal neuronal cultures electrical activity which can be rescued by a reference item.

Cells: Rat embryonic hippocampal neurons.

Damage induction: 5 mM Ab1-42 for 24 and 48h.

Readout: MEA electrical parameters (spikes, number of bursts/network bursts, synchronicity…)

Positive control: Reference item.

Compound treatment: Compounds are added to cells 24h before the addition of Ab1-42.

Turnaround time: 2 months.