Medicinal Chemistry

Welab delivers high-quality Medicinal Chemistry services to advance Drug Discovery programs. A highly committed team combining over 150 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry is a key asset to maximize chances of success and to fulfil any project needs.

We have high expertise in the design of patentable drug-like compounds by combination of competitive intelligence analysis, structure-based drug design and working within the highest probability space. Early application of a Multiparametric Optimization approach allows efficient achievement of the desired candidate profiles.

Profound knowledge in structure-activity relationships (SAR) and structure-property relationships (SPR) generation leads to optimization of Design/Make/Test/Analyze (DMTA) cycle times. Proprietary SAR/SPR visualization tools help in fast iteration and project progression to allow rapid identification of suitable clinical candidates (see the Discovery of EST64454 as case study).

Experience in several target classes (ion channels, GPCRs, enzymes, chaperones), including the design of CNS-penetrant compounds and the successful completion of Multimodal Projects. An example is the identification of a bispecific m-opioid receptor agonist/sigma-1 receptor antagonist currently ready for Phase II clinical trials.