Synthetic Chemistry

Experienced team in the synthesis of every type of organic molecules in amounts ranging from mg to 100 g scale. Along the years more than 35.000 new compounds of diverse nature have been prepared, which constitutes the basis of our 90.000 compound chemical library, Welabrary.

Deep knowledge in the design and development of efficient routes of synthesis, using state of the art software (Scifindern), as well as hands-on experience and problem-solving capabilities to guarantee the fast delivery of the desired compounds. This is complemented by a proactive attitude and quick adaptation to the priority changes often required in a project.

Our services include preparation of new compounds, reference standards, building blocks, metabolites, impurities and stable isotope-labelled compounds (2H, 13C and 15N). Route scouting for the scale-up of compounds coming from previously developed in house Medicinal Chemistry projects or of any other Active Product Ingredient (API) can be performed and then followed up within CMC activities aimed at the preparation of Drug Substance material for clinical batches.

All the required analytical techniques for compound Structural Elucidation and Characterization are easily and on-site available to the team.

Innovative technologies

Our chemists incorporate the latest discoveries in organic chemistry and purification technologies to provide fast turnaround times. These include microwave, flow and photochemistry processes as well as organometallic catalysis and enantioselective methods.

Every purification technology (crystallization, distillation, chromatography) is efficiently used to solve the main bottleneck in organic synthesis and novel automated purification systems (Combiflash, including ELSD detection) are available in each synthesis lab. This is complemented by dedicated expertise in Preparative Separation and Purification, both for chiral and achiral compounds.

Safe and environmentally friendly environment

Our team works in state-of-the-art labs complying stringent safety requirements and reducing the impact to the environment:

  • Personal fume hoods with control of presence
  • Separated office spaces with personal computers for everyone
  • Closed water circuit for evaporators which are always kept in the hoods
  • Segregated solvent disposal and selective collection of different types of waste

An intelligent storeroom containing more than 5000 bar-coded reagents and solvents guarantees their adequate storage according to GHS classification.

Paperless environment with all experimental information stored in an electronic lab notebook (ELN) with electronic signing and countersigning process in place and allowing the fast retrieval of the most convenient synthetic methods.