Welabrary and
Compound Management

Welab exclusive 90000 compound chemical library, Welabrary, is a good starting point for hit identification programs. 

It is a drug-like collection with most structures complying Lipinski’s rule, thus assuring good solubility, permeability, and absorption. 

Moreover, all the data generated in several programs along 20 years, including several HTS campaigns (physicochemical, pharmacological and ADMET) are registered in an internal relational database and are accessible for data mining.

At Welab we have efficient chemoinformatic tools to process the data and to predict appropriate chemotypes or biological profiles of compounds.

We can perform efficient, automatized and fully traceable management of any type of sample and large compound collections in any format, including plate preparation (96/384) for HTS screenings both from our exclusive 90.000 compound Welabrary or from any other collection. Along the years the team has handled more than 1 million compound deliveries.

Compounds are stored in REMP modules (powder) and SCADA-controlled freezers (DMSO solutions) and we can prepare any type of individual sample (powder or dissolution from powder in barcoded vials) or plates (cherry-picking (96/384) plate reformatting and replication) using automated liquid handling systems (CyBio and Zinsser) and managed with the software MOSAIC (Titian) which allows a perfect control and tracking of samples (and linked to IDBS Activity Base Chemical Database). The system is also integrated with balances (Sartorius and Mettler), calibration module (Sartorius), heat sealer (REMP) and barcode printer (CAB).