Drug-induced amnesia models

MK-801-induced amnesia model (glutamate-based mechanism)
Scopolamine-induced amnesia model (muscarinic-based mechanism)

Background information: Anti-amnesic effects of drugs are tested in experimental amnesia models induced by interfering with different neuronal systems, resulting in impaired spontaneous alternation performances in 8-minute sessions of a Y-maze scan, an index of spatial working memory.

Animals: Female CD1 mice.

Positive control: Donepezil (scopolamine).

Criteria for significance: ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s test is applied for comparison between the vehicle and treatment groups. Significant activity is considered at the P<0.05 level. # vs Vehicle/Vehicle; * vs Vehicle/MK801 or Vehicle/Scopolamine.

Turnaround time: 45 Days.