In the relentless pursuit of innovative therapeutics, in vivo studies are used to profile compound candidates from hit-to-lead to clinical candidate selection. These investigations bridge the gap between laboratory findings and human applications, providing invaluable insights into a drug’s safety, efficacy, and overall performance within a living organism.

At Welab Barcelona, our highly skilled, industry trained, in vivo pharmacology team has extensive experience in pre-clinical drug development and provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your research needs. We provide the most robust and innovative pre-clinical models and efficacy testing services to advance your research. Taking advantage of all the complementary capabilities of Welab, we can determinate efficacy, MoA, PK, PK/PD, bioavailability, organ exposure, in vivo metabolism, and potential toxicity in rodent models.

As a flexible and responsive organization, we meet the specific needs of your project. We can support you from the delivery of a stand-alone study to planning, designing, and executing a customized in vivo study in the most appropriate model.