Pain is a complex and pervasive condition that affects millions worldwide. Pain management therapies are a major segment in neurological drug discovery, and many types of pain are still devoid of effective treatment. Therapies that effectively block acute pain often produce poor results in chronic pain conditions, so it is essential to test candidates in pain studies using relevant models for nociceptive, inflammatory, and neuropathic pain.

At Welab, we recognize the importance of alleviating suffering and improving quality of life of patients. We have a long history of research in this field, and we are committed to addressing the diverse spectrum of pain disorders through groundbreaking research and tailored solutions. We have developed a variety of clinically relevant pain models that have been validated using existing and novel methods to effectively test new therapeutic candidates.

Moreover, for the different pain models we have, the evoked responses (mechanical or thermal (both hot and cold) allodynia and hyperalgesia (mouse and rat), and non-evoked responses (anhedonia, social interaction, activity wheels, open field, spontaneous activity, Intellicage monitoring system, Catwalk), in mouse and rat, can be investigated.